Why Automation Cannot Replace Digital Marketing Employees

Digital marketing

First let us understand why this question is making round among the digital marketers.

The answers to the question is recent layoffs in the IT industry and the theory which is coming out is the job is because of automation. But the fact is India IT industry have a large foreign client base and due the slowdown in the European market and US and the business has hampered. Also many countries have changed their policy to safeguard the job security of locals like Singapore, USA and etc. And also they are removing no performers, and they are hiring new candidates which nobody is talking about.
Yes automation is one the reason for layoff but it is not true that because of automation layoffs are happening.

Now the question is will automation replace the digital marketers in the near future. YES it will replace some of the jobs but then many new tools and concepts are coming into digital space, so people will be moved to handle those things. In the 90’s when computers started replacing the paper work people feared that they will loose their jobs but instead people were trained to use computers to handle the task, so basically this was also one kind of automation, but it actually created more jobs in the market.

Digital marketing needs logical, analytical and creative mind. There is different solution for every requirement. Digital marketing is not as simple it looks its a trick which very people can understand and excel in it. Take the example of SEO it is so tough to rank the website on the first page for the selected keywords, but the one who already know what is SEO he can mange to rank the website within 4 to 5 months with white hat techniques.

So to conclude automation will replace some of the things in Digital Marketing but it will create more opportunities for the Digital marketers in the Digital marketing Segment. If you keep updated yourself with the latest trends and techniques in the digital marketing you will only blossom in your career.