I Want To Pursue Career In Digtal Marketing…. Really?

Digital marketing as Career

Digital Marketing is the flourishing industry if we go through the market data Digital Marketing is growing at the rate of 30% and more.

Question arises why brands and people wide going gaga over internet so much.Firstly when you want to connect with your near and dear one’s internet is way cheaper than phone calls and messages, so when social platforms were created people went mad over it in order to share their activities and getting connected with their friends and family.

With the introduction Jio data usage has increased tremendously and people from remote places have started using various social platforms to get connected with each other. Due to this the average time spending on social media platform has increased tremendously compare to Television.
Due the increase in the number of user and average time spend on internet the brands and advertiser’s are spending more on online advertising because it has many advantage as with the help of tools one can track the performance of the advertisement campaign.
Hence the people from IT and Marketing are aware about the trends everyone is trying to cash on this opportunity and want to start or shift their career in the digital marketing industry. So if you are planning to start your career in the digital marketing segment ask the answer to yourself of the question mentioned below:
1) Do you know the meaning of Digital Marketing?
2) Do you know the various branches in Digital Marketing? Atleast 5 will do?
3) Trends in Digital marketing in India?
4) Knowledge of basic SEO?
5) Do you know to run ads on Fb, Instagram and other social media platform? Even one will do?
6) How much you read articles about digital marketing? At least one in a day ?
7) With even taking some course you are doing a practical implementation of the digital Marketing activities by learning from YouTube and other sites?
If the answer is yes for the above mentioned questions it shows you are very
much interested in the digital marketing and you can go ahead and pursue your career.
NOTE: If you are thinking just from earning money point of view just backoff and do what your passionate bout just don’t jump into it. Initially you have work for very less and sometime just as intern without being paid, if you are willing to do that welcome to the future of digital marketing.