Best Project Management Software in India: Temple Task

Best Project management software in India

Best Task Management and Project Management Software in India.

WHAT IS TASK TEMPLE, Task Temple is a Task and Project Management Software built upon ideas and experiences from real life project cycle and interactions and it is one of the best project management software and task management software in India. We realized that, Project Management software can do a world of good if there was a Team Environment. A way to keep it simple, clean and elegant. Task Temple is meant for Team Work. Create your team and manage your projects together.

Project management is a very crucial task in the industries like Civil, IT, BPO, KPO, Construction etc. The time of the task is very important as it cost the company with respect to time and money. So to assign the task to the employees and get it done on time by timely tracking, project management software play a crucial roles in assigning the task and tracking the same.

Minsyst consulting brings you the best project management software in India for task management and the manager or the owner can track the progress from any part of the globe compatible to all the desktop and mobile devices.


Best Project management software in India
Best Project management software in India



  • My Dashboard: My Dashboard for quick and smoother operations in most interactive and user friendly way.


  • Project Management: Add and manage multiple projects. You can view, jump to discussion or remove a project from here.


  • Team Management: Create and manage your team easily. Search with email address or username of the person you want in your team and add.


  • Responsive Design: Responsive designs to use it flawlessly on multiple devices and platforms.


  • Task Management: Quickly access and browse through your current projects or take required actions. You may leave any project from this window when and if you need to.


  • Milestone: Milestone features you can set Targets for the project contractors with a timeline and notify them by email.


  • Discussion: It helps you keep connected with the contractors and team members. You and the other parties can attach any files needed to assist the progress of the project.


  • Priority Queue: A great feature to set project priority, add items and rearrange them . It acts like a ROADMAP or a NOTES app or most importantly a PRIORITY QUEUE.


  • ToDo: It can also be used as a ToDo application . Add new ToDo, set their priority and your team members will get notified.For more information follow us on:Facebook:

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