In today’s dynamic marketplace, expansion, mergers, acquisitions and other growth opportunities are game-changers that demand fast implementation of new application functionality that can be very challenging and costly to add.

If gaining and maintaining a competitive advantage is a priority. If running leaner without sacrificing productivity is an imperative. If focusing your overextended staff on core business initiatives makes a lot of sense. Then you can see the tremendous potential value in outsourcing management of all or part of your IT operations to MInSysT.

We can help to rationalize, modernize, streamline your IT applications, products, infrastructure and processes to contribute more business value more quickly and at lower cost. We can also assume responsibility for day-to-day operations, maintenance, support and management to ease pressures on your budget and staff.

MInSysT outsourcing services span the entire application lifecycle and application environment including custom, packaged, legacy applications. Applying our proven methodologies and client-centric philosophy, we work with you to develop the right solution for your business goals, immediate and long-term. We implement a flexible collaborative outsourcing model using

  1. Deep application knowledge and expertise
  2. Application technologies expertise
  3. Industry-specific skill sets
  4. Advanced tools, best practices, industry-standard
  5. Mature governance and program management office processes