Loan Management System Application – LUNO

Loan management system Application has becoming necessity for the businesses dealing in granting loans to the borrowers. There not only big players but too many thousands of small players in the finance sector dealing in the loan business. due to complexity of the business storage of the data is very important in order to track the transaction, name of the borrower, loan amount granted, rate of interest, period of loan and there so many acute details which cannot be memorised.

MInSysT brings you an application which can help the businesses in managing all the data and saving ample time and increase in efficiency in the business operation. “LUNO” can bring efficiency in the business and helps you in the planning future activities accordingly.

LUNO is a powerful Loan Servicing System. This system is the fully functional for mortgage companies, commercial lending, credit unions, municipalities, private and institutional lenders auto loan servicing, student loans, real estate loans, and much more.
Our Online Loan Management System allows you for better evaluating borrowers, decision making support and online-lending process automation. It also servicing mortgages, simple interest, revolving credit, bi-weekly, and other methods of interest calculation. Easy to use, affordable and professional loan servicing software.

Loan Management System Application

Loan Management System Application

1. Manage Borrowers Personal/Financial Information

• Add/Remove or search borrower fast.
• Can upload Borrower’s photo.
• Can import/upload Borrower(s) from CSV/Excel.

2. Manage Different Kinds Of Loans
• Can set terms, interest rate, schedule of payments etc.

3. Loan Servicing
• Add new loan application.
• Search loans fast.
• Automatically determines matured and overdue Debts.
• Print Payment Schedule in PDF format.
• Print Disclosure in PDF format.
• Support Multiple loans for one borrower.

4. Manage and Receive Payments
•Simple and easy to add new payments.
•Can check borrower’s debt balance instantly.

5. Manage Employees Access Level And Information
• Add/remove employee.
• Can upload employee photo.

6. Easy Company Setup
7. Multi currency support
8. Email Template
9. Email Messaging support
10.Support different time zone