What Is The Difference Between Google Ads and Facebook Ads

Google ads vs Facebook ads

This will help the new beginner to understand the basic difference between google ads and facebook ads.


Google Ads: Google has a reach of more than 3 billion.

Facebook Ads: Facebook also has reach to little more than 2 billion.

Type of Ads

Google Ads: Text ad, ]Display ad,


Google Ads: It is complex to operate.

Facebook Ads: It is more easy to operate.

Cost Comparison

Google Ads: It is expensive then facebook ads.

Facebook Ads: It is way cheaper than google ads.

Ads display

Google Ads: When some one search for a text on google search or visit youtube or partner network website and apps.

Facebook Ads: When some one visit Facebook or partner network website and apps


Cost difference between facebook ads and google ads

Search Vs Interest

Google Ads: In Google you can ads relevant to your specific search. For example 10% 0r 20% discount on xyz brands shoes.

Facebook Ads: In Facebook the ads are shown on interest based . It is more about creating awareness.


Google Ads: The conversion is faster as user are shown  relevant to their search.

Facebook Ads: Facebook ads are more of awareness and they induce user to use the products and services like ads showing 10% discount on burger.

Niche Product

Google Ads: What if you have carved out niche product and people don’t even search for the term or the search are very less. In that case your complete budget will not be utilised.

Facebook Ads: For niche product you target the people based on interest and can make them aware about your products. eg: some new type of shoes you have carved out so your target audition will be people who are interested in shoes.