Does speed of website matters in SEO And How to increase the speed of website

How to increase the website speed

Does speed of website matters in SEO


How to increase the speed of website.

What do you think the speed of any website matter? the answer definitely would be yes. If you are visiting a website and you find the speed is slow are you going to stick to that page or you will leave and jump to another website. The answer would be you will visit the another website. So speed of the website plays a crucial matters in SEO and its help to yield better result for your Digital Marketing Efforts.

Ways to Increase Website Speed How to check website speed and methods to improve website speed

To Check the speed of your website go and visit seositecheckup by putting the your website url in search box. Check the following items for the speed in the report:

1) HTML Page Size Test – The size of your web page’s HTML should be 33 kb which is the average web page’s size.

2) HTML Compression/GZIP Test – After using gzip compression your HTML code will be compressed to almost 50% to 80%.

3) Site Loading Speed Test – Your average loading site be must be 5 seconds.

4) Page Objects – Check the number of HTTP request which includes HTML pages, CSS Files, Scripts, Images and Flash Files. IF necessary remove the unwanted things to bring down the number of HTTP request.

5) Page Cache Test (Server Side Caching) – Whether you are using any page caching method if not you can use common caching methods Alternative PHP Cache, Quickcache, and jpcache. Caching method helps to compress the HTML and further bring down the loading speed and time of site.

6) Flash Test – Your website includes flash or not. If you are not using the flash thats good for your website because it affects the loading the speed of site.

7) Image Expires Tag Test – In Simple Terms give an expiry date to any or all the images so when any opens the site it will be chached in the browser and if you put expire date for logo for example as 30 days so if the same person opens the website within 30 days the browser will not load it again it will be retrieved from cached and it will decrease the loading time. After 30 days if opened the website again the loading speed will increase again.

8) JS Minification Test – Minify the java script to reduce the speed loading time.

9) CSS Minification Test – Minify the CSS files to reduce the speed loading time.

10) Nested Tables Test – If you have use nested tables in the code the speed loading time will increase.

11) Frameset Test – Frameset should be avoided if not necessary. Frameset divide the browser in different section, all the section loads separately which increase the load time.

12) Doctype Test – must be use to make the search engine aware about the document type used.

13) URL Redirects Checker – You should have any redirection to your url like when clicked on the webpage opened with url It happens when generally company buys the same domain name with .in, .com etc due to competition.