Best E-Learning Management System – eALBERTO

best e-learning management system - ealberto

What is eAlberto

eAlberto is the best e-Learning management system application. One can create unlimited courses and lessons with easy to use dashboard. The lesson can be video, document, YouTube video and external content link. The interesting part is you can link one or more exams to a course, after finishing the course the student can take the linked exam and teacher/admin can view the exam results to monitor the student’s progress. This LMS system is built to manage learning content easily and effortlessly. The interface is very user friendly.


eAlberto Key Features

1) Dashboard

  • Full featured dashboard.
  •  Graphical reports.
  • Every user level has different dashboard.
  • Quick Side Panel.
  • Interactive & User Friendly.

2) Exams Control

  • Create unlimited categories.
  •  Create unlimited exams.
  • Set the price and random question number.
  •  Set the pass marks and allocate time for the exam.
  • View results and print.

3) Blog and Notice Period

  • Post blogs from dashboard.
  •  Comments section for discussion.
  •  Create notice for users.
  •  Set start and end time for displaying the notice.

4) User Control

  • Add unlimited users with five different access levels.
  •  Activate/Deactivate and Ban users.
  • Modify user data.
  • Email based activation.

5) Profile & Payment Records

  • Update profile information.
  •  Change login password.
  • Payment History.
  •  View payment history with all important information.

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