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best accounting, billing, crm software


Word Accruala derived from the word Accrual which means accumulation of something. We have accumulated Accounting, Billing, CRM and made an innovative software, a proven way to manage your Business. This is not a bloat ware, this is what you looking for, a whole new level for business automation, that saves your time, increase efficiency and gives you valuable insights to maximize your revenue. So rather using three separate software of Accounting software, Billing software and CRM software you can use just one software i.e ACCRUALA.

Accruala has all the features you want, the simplicity you need! Beautifully designed for best User Interface & User Experience. The software that works for YOUR Business!

Accruala Key Features

1) Manage Your Customers

  • Log customer activity
  • Create & Send Invoice
  • Customer Portal
  • Assign downloadable files
  • Add orders for your customer
  • Send Quote / Proposals
  • Send email
  • Add profile image for customer
  • Log, track transactions
  • Customer portal
  • Notifications
    Empleado provides an efficient leave management interface where employees
    can apply for a leave and the HR can take necessary action.

2) Easy Transactions : Accruala has innovative feature in order to maintain accurate account balances, to
ensure accountability, to establish historical business activity data, and to provide information to decision-makers for determining business strategy.

  • Record business Income & Expense
  • Attach file with transaction
  • Assign transaction for customers
  • Track Bank & Cash Balances
  • Generate Reports on Transactions
  • Generate your Business Cash flow
  • Know Income v/s Expense
  • Record transactions against invoice
  • Know your net worth
  • Set goal for net worth in dashboard
  • View Account statement
  • Income & Expense reports
  • Record Account to Account transfer
  • View Reports by date

3) Invoicing: Acrruala is ready for both online & offline invoicing method. Create it, send it, get payment online. Every invoice generates unique, secure invoice url. You can send it via email, messenger, live chat. Customer can pay invoice directly using this link.

  • Send Notification
  • Get paid faster
  • Create invoice with WYSIWYG
  • Add notes, terms in invoice
  • Add Payment to invoice
  • Record Partial Payment
  • View / Download PDF
  • Customizable invoice layout
  • Send SMS notification
  • Link to generate printable Invoice
  • Client Portal

4) Manage Orders: Manage orders for your services or products. Send order activation welcome email from your Admin Portal.

  • Create Order for your existing services or products.
  • Send order activation email, e.g. Hosting Account Details, Software License Details, your Consultancy service details etc.
  • Client can access all orders related to this client from client portal.

5) Contact Management: Get a complete view of your customers, including activity history, notes, total income, invoices, send direct mail etc. Get a 360-degree view of your customers.

6) Easy accounting: Add your Income, Add your Expense & You are done. Fast, easy accounting for your business. Set your own currency, Time zone, Date Format etc.

7) Advanced Reporting: See your business more clearly with Interactive Visualization & Advanced Reporting. So you can unlock insights that help drive the growth of your business.

8) Automation with Extended logging: Automation with scheduling, CRON jobs, etc. Generate your money
snapshot, Recurring Invoices etc. Available control to enable disable.

9) Collect Payments from Your Customers: It’s easy – setting up a payment solution with Accruala. Supports Paypal, Stripe,, Manual Payment or You can Add more.

10) Advanced Email Configuration: Send Email directly using PHP built in Email function or Configure to send
email using SMTP.

11) Real-time snapshot: Dashboard provides a real-time snapshot of your organization’s key metrics. You can easily visualize comparisons, patterns, and trends in sales.

12) Powering Subscription Billing: It’s Easy to make & Manage Recurring Billing Invoice. Also, you’ll be ready
to make Recurring Invoice, accept payments and focus on growing your sales in no time.